A Message of Encouragement from Pastor John MacArthur

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Dear BBC Family,

I can still remember the first time I heard Grace to You, around 25 years ago.  I was a new believer, who was struggling with the interpretation of Hebrews 6 and wondering if I could lose my salvation.  The very next day, I heard Grace to You for the first time and John MacArthur was preaching on that very section of Scripture!  Ever since then, the teaching of John MacArthur has been a steady part of my spiritual diet.

When I knew that I wanted to go to seminary, there was only one seminary that I applied to. I knew that I wanted to be trained to handle God’s Word faithfully and teach it expositionally.  I saw a model for that kind of ministry in John MacArthur and the men trained under his leadership at The Master’s Seminary (Thomas Leake, Clay Miller, Carl Hargrove and Lance Quinn).  I thank God for the example that John has been and for the many lessons I have learned from him, both in person and from a distance.  It would be no exaggeration to say that every week that I study and preach and counsel and model the Christian life, I am in some way indebted to God for giving me a faithful pattern to follow.

While it would have been a blessing beyond description to have Pastor John minister to us in person, I know that his time and energy are limited resources.  During last year’s Shepherds’ Conference, we spoke briefly about having him record a short video to challenge and encourage our church, in lieu of a personal visit.

The video that is posted above was his gracious response to that request.  I pray that you are encouraged by his message and that his words are a testimony of God’s faithfulness to us, and a challenge for us to remain faithful to God and His Word!

Christ will build His church and we are excited about what the Lord has been doing and will continue to do in Baltimore for His glory!

Thanks again to Pastor John MacArthur for his ministry to us, and his steady faithfulness in the same direction.

In Christ Alone,
George Lawson
Baltimore Bible Church

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