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BBC Youth Ministry

Our Mission Statement

In the middle and high school ministry of Baltimore Church, we teach students that life is about Christ (Phil 1:21; Col 1:28–29). Our desire is to see students come to true saving faith in Jesus Christ and grow in love, obedience, delight, proclamation, and service for His glory.

We seek to accomplish this through the regular preaching of God’s Word, small group discipleship, and activities and events to build godly relationships between students and with ministry leaders. We strive to walk with young people as they mature into adulthood and see this season in a teenager’s life as vital toward forming spiritual convictions through understanding, applying, and cherishing God’s Word.

The BBC Youth Ministry meets on three Saturday evenings per month, during the school year, from 6-9:30p at Valley Presbyterian. Special summer schedules and exact meeting dates are provided through an email list and our website.
To be placed on the email distribution list, please contact Pastor Jeff Weaver.

Philosophy of Ministry

Youth ministry in the church tends to be thought of in two particular ways. On the one hand, there are those who think youth ministry is the primary means by which young people are to grow and mature in their spiritual lives. For others, youth ministry seems improper, immature, and inconsistent as a method for helping our youth develop in the life of the church. These "all or nothing" approaches to student ministries can be unhelpful and imbalanced.

A proper understanding of youth ministry begins with a right understanding of God's design for both the home and His church. In creation, God established the family as the central institution for mankind's progress and the well-being of society (Gen. 1:28; Deut. 6:6– 7; Eph 6:1-4). In Christ, God has established the church as the pillar and buttress of truth for the family of God (1 Tim. 3:15). Through the gospel of Jesus Christ, we have a responsibility to boldly declare and devote ourselves to the truth in a way that blesses, encourages, and supports God-honoring families.

In light of this, student ministries at Baltimore Bible Church are a means by which we seek to proclaim Christ and come alongside the families in our church through rich, meaningful, and intentional investment in our young people. There are three key priorities that guide us as we seek to minister to our youth:

1. Gospel Partnership
The work of youth ministry is meant to support the diligent, godly parenting that happens within our church's families (Deut. 4:9). The most successful version of this ministry is one that prioritizes the spiritual renewal of its young people and is available to their caring parents. The partnership between leaders and parents is crucial to our efforts with students.

2. Gospel Proclamation
Our main goal is to clearly communicate the saving and life-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ (Col. 1:28). Through dedication to God's Word, trust in the Spirit's work, and meaningful discipleship, we aim to help students know and love Jesus as Lord. The beauty of proclaiming the truth of the gospel is that it also exposes the truth of the heart (Lk. 8:4-16). We want students to not only know the truth about God, but also to know exactly where they stand before Him. What lies at the heart of our ministry efforts is a desire that those who do not know Christ would be saved and those who love Him would continuously be sanctified.

3. Gospel Progress
As students come to saving faith in the Lord Jesus, we want to ensure they are equipped for every good work (Eph. 2:10), emboldened to declare the good news of the gospel (1 Pet. 3:15), and encouraged amidst the sins and sorrows that are faced even as new creatures in Christ (1 Thess. 5:11). Being in youth ministry affords students an opportunity to have godly, like-minded peers and also to be poured into by older, wiser leaders who desire to build up the next generation of churchmen and women who will also be faithful lights and salt in the world.