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How Does It All End Part 4

Jun 25, 2023    Pastor George Lawson

1) Of what practical benefit is it to know that God controls the events of time? What does God’s control of world history say about the circumstances that you finf yourself in today?


2) God has decreed that He will turn a rebellious nation back to Himself. How does this encourage us to continue to pray for those who seem hardened in their sins? What hope does this give us about what God is able to do? (Ezek. 36:26) 


3) Daniel’s prophecy included the coming of the Messiah as well as a future destruction of Jerusalem. If the destruction of Jerusalem took place in the past, what also has to be true about the coming of the Messiah? How does this strengthen the biblical case for Jesus?


4) According to Daniel 9:27 a future generation of Jewish people will receive the covenant offered by a coming prince who is not Jesus. Why would the nation receive this coming Prince rather than their true Messiah? (see John 5:43; Zech 9:9)


5) Who is it that saves the world from the coming destruction? (Zech. 12:8; Matt. 24:29-30; 2 Thess. 2:8-9)


6) What is the purpose for the future destruction and desolations found in this passage? (See Daniel 9:24; Romans 11:12) What does this say about God’s commitment to His promises?