Pastoral Encouragement – Motherhood – May 18, 2019

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This past Sunday, our national calendar acknowledged the value of motherhood.  According to one report, Mother’s Day sees the highest call volume out of any day of the year.  Cards, flowers and candy flew off the shelves and many churches, including ours, paused to recognize those who bore us.  According to 1 Timothy 5 children and even grandchildren are under … Read More

Pastoral Encouragement – We Do Not Apologize for What We Believe – May 10, 2019

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We get our English word Apologetics from the Greek word “apologia”.  From the sound of the word, you could get the impression that we are “apologizing” for what we believe, but that is far from the truth.  The Greek word “apologia” means a defense.  Paul used it in Acts 22:1 when he made his defense in Jerusalem.  A similar word was also used … Read More

Accident Reported Ahead – March 21, 2019

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If you ever use the GPS on your phone to get around, you are probably used to hearing the warning that an “accident has been reported ahead” and you wonder, how long will the slow down be, as everybody turns their head to see how bad the accident was. Yesterday one of those “accidents reported ahead” was my son’s car. … Read More

Pastoral Encouragement – “The Missing Ingredient in Your Godliness?” – March 15, 2019

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“The fear of God is the soul of godliness.”[1]   How often do you think about the “fear of God?”  Would you say that this fear is a significant part of your Christian life?  Do you measure your spiritual growth by your growth in this particular virtue?  Do you ask yourself questions like:  How much do I fear God?  Is my fear of … Read More

Pastoral Encouragement – Where Do I Start? – March 2, 2019

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“Discipleship”… it’s one of those words that we are all used to hearing but find difficulty defining. All Christians are disciples. Acts 11:26 let’s us know that the disciples were “called Christians”, which means that if you are a Christian, you are a disciple. All Christians are called to make disciples. “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” – … Read More

Pastoral Encouragement “Never Talk about Religion or Politics” – February 23, 2019

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Has anybody ever given you the warning that you should never talk about religion or politics?  It’s been said that if you want to have a peaceful get together with family or friends, that religion and politics should never be a topic of conversation.  That advice seems especially sage in today’s political climate.  Just mentioning number “45” can turn a … Read More

Pastoral Encouragement – Celebrating Pastor John MacArthur’s 50 years of Pastoral Ministry – February 10, 2019

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Today Pastor John MacArthur will celebrate 50 years of pastoral ministry. To put that into perspective: In 1969, The Public Broadcasting Service was established and aired the first episode of Sesame Street.  In 1969, American Astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the Moon and uttered the immortal words “That’s one small step for man, one giant … Read More

Pastoral Encouragement – Where is the Safe Space for Christians?

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Does it seem odd to you that a culture that advocates tolerance, love and acceptance, would also condone and even celebrate an article attacking a Christian School for teaching Christian Doctrine? Link to Washington Post Article Do you find it inconsistent, that the media would consider it newsworthy to report the audacity of the Vice President’s wife to teach art, at a school … Read More