We Have No Idea What Difference One Broadcast Could Make

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We have no idea what Difference one Broadcast could make.

2 Thessalonians 3:1 Finally, brethren, pray for us that the word of the Lord will spread rapidly and be glorified, just as it did also with you

I can still remember the first time I heard John MacArthur on the radio. I was a 2nd year college student, who was confused about what it meant to have assurance of eternal life. I had a number of friends, who were trying to convince me that a true believer could lose his or her salvation and they used Hebrews 6 as evidence to back up their position. I was stumped and began to wonder if they were right. The very next day, I happened to be flipping the stations on my car radio and tuned into Christian radio for the very first time. What caught my attention was a preacher who was talking about Hebrews 6, the same passage I was struggling with the night before. The explanation of the passage was so clear and powerful and I walked out of my car knowing that salvation for the believer is eternal. I was hooked on to Grace to You since then and eventually my love for expository preaching led me to Bible College, Hope Bible Church, The Master’s Seminary and Baltimore Bible Church today. We have no idea what difference one broadcast could make.

We’ve been broadcasting on SermonAudio.com for about a year and here are some of the statistics that we received last month.

Total MP3 Sermons Downloaded For November, 2018: 1,138
Grand Total MP3 Sermons Downloaded To Date: 12,933
.. of the downloads, total via mobile phone for November, 2018: 705
Grand Total Downloaded via Mobile To Date: 8,069
This month, your listening audience covers 47 states and 40 countries.

We have no idea what difference just one of those broadcasts could make. In addition to our SermonAudio platform, just this week, one of our members was able to get Baltimore Bible Church Sermons approved as a podcast on iTunes and a few other podcast players in addition to Spotify.

We are also planning to air a 13-week series on a local radio station this year to see what kind of response we receive. Again, we have no idea what difference one broadcast could make.

Would you please be praying for our media and audio teams? Much of the work they do is quiet and behind the scenes but their work is literally being heard across the world. Please pray for every speaker who prepares a message for Baltimore Bible Church, even our evening Q&A with Justin Peters was downloaded 495 times last month! And pray that the Word of the Lord “will spread rapidly and be glorified”. God can use even one broadcast to change a life.

In Christ Alone,
Pastor George
Pastor Matt

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