August 23, 2021

True Hope for Hopeless Times — Romans 15:13 (1 of 2)

Passage: Romans 15:13

Sermon Outline

I. Where Does True Hope Come From? GOD!
     A. The Father – the Source of Hope

     B. The Son (v. 12) – the Object of Hope

     C. The Holy Spirit – the Power of Hope

II. What is the Path to True Hope? Joy and peace from trusting God’s Word!

     A. Joy

     B. Peace

     C. Belief in God’s Word

III. How much of this True Hope Can I Have? An Overflowing Abundance!

IV. Who Can Guarantee this True Hope? God! The Holy Spirit!

One Comment on “True Hope for Hopeless Times — Romans 15:13 (1 of 2)”

  1. Thank you for making a placed for people to comment. God will not say death to people who say death to no one. They that say death don’t have jesus rulling over them. They have devils in their mind who have no hope beyond what is seen. They hide in people like the fake Gabriel who hid in a cave. That being caused islam to be through Muhammad. People who have that being in them will strike out at people. That being made the legal system.

    Jesus is the Holy Spirit saving us, and guiding people into all truth. Jesus will not say zoophile, die. People need to decern as to what being is talking out of them. Devils gain joy when they make people to tremble. Devils will not experience their kind of joy when people resist them, having them flee from them. There is no peace in a devil. Peace will not be given to gays, clothing optional people, and pedophilia people when a devil is occupying the mind of a fear giver. Pedophilia have rules they go by. zoosexuals would not need to hide had there be peacful people around. Peaceful people will not make laws to make those people to be afraid 24/7/.

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