October 30, 2022

The Servants Heart — Isaiah 49:1-13

Passage: Isaiah 49:1-13

From Isaiah 41 through 53, there are 20 references to one who is uniquely identified as the Lord’s servant. With the benefit of the New Testament, we know this servant to be Jesus Christ. In Isaiah 49:1-13 we see six qualities of the ministry of the Lord’s Servant, and from these we can learn how better to live as servants of Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 48:22, with its solemn warning of no peace for the wicked, lays the groundwork for Isaiah 49. Though the people are freed from captivity, their greatest obstacle remains: They cannot be reconciled to the Lord unless atonement is made for their sin. They need a message of good news and forgiveness.

Six Qualities of the Servant’s Ministry:

1. The Lord’s Servant Speaks (49:1-2)
2. The Lord’s Servant Glorifies God (49:3)
3. The Lord’s Servant Trusts When Tested (49:4)
4. The Lord’s Servant Knows His Calling (49:5-6)
5. The Lord’s Servant Seeks the Lord and Receives Help (49:8)
6. The Lord’s Servant Urges Sinners to His Light (49:9-12)

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