April 4, 2021

The Message That Upsets The World – Acts 17​:16-34

Passage: Acts 17​:16-34

I. Are you provoked by what you observe (16)
II. Are you proclaiming the truth that saves (17-21)
A. Reasoning
B. Conversing
C. Proclaiming
D. Preaching
E. Teaching
III. Are you prepared to give a defense of your hope (22-31)
A. He confronts them with their ignorance of God (22-23)
B. He confronts them with their knowledge of God (24-25)
C. He confronts them with their accountability to God (26-28)
D. You confront them with their obligation to God (29-30)
IV. Are you prepared for the response to the good news? (32-34)
A. Rejection
B. Reflection
C. Reception

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