May 22, 2022

Introduction and Overview of the Book of Daniel — Daniel 4:17

Passage: Daniel 4:17

i. Daniel is a Courageous Book
ii. Daniel is a Mysterious Book
iii. Daniel is a Victorious Book
I. Theme
“The Most High is ruler over the realm of mankind, And bestows it on whom He wishes”
II. History
A. Land Promised
B. Descendants Cursed
C. Promise Reiterated
A. Man of the Babylonian Captivity
B. Person of Incredible Maturity
C. Person of Jewish Nobility
D. Person of Great Potentiality
E. Person of Unassailable Integrity
F. Person of Outstanding Ability
G. Person of Devoted Spirituality
H. Person of Genuine Humility
I. Person of Remarkable Generosity
J. Person of Faithful Consistency
A. Personal History (1-6) and Prophetic History (7-12)
B. Aramaic Section
Chapter 2 “Four Kingdoms”
Chapter 7 “Four Kingdoms”
Chapter 3 “Refusing the King”
Chapter 6 “Refusing the King”
Chapter 4 “King is Judged”
Chapter 5 “King is Judged”
C. Overview
Chapter 1 Daniel’s Personal History and Introduction
Chapters 2-7 Sovereignty of God over the Nations
Chapters 7-12 God’s Prophetic Plan for His People

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