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As Christians we know that it is our delight and duty to continually fix our minds and hearts on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Col. 3:1-4). Yet we are thankful for the Christmas season and the opportunities it affords us to focus in a more deliberate way on the incarnation of our Lord and the salvation that He came to provide for us. May we all steward this time well, so that we will continue to increase in our love and devotion to the Savior of our souls! (2 Pet. 3:18)

Another blessing that we get to enjoy during this holiday season is the number of gatherings with family, friends, co-workers, etc. We all know that these “get-togethers” provide us with some unique opportunities for the Gospel. We have recently been encouraged to hear a number of you asking for prayer related to this very thing. We can all agree that we often do not take the time to adequately prepare ourselves to make full use of these unique occasions. In an effort to encourage you to make better use of this season, we want to pass along an article that will provide you with some practical, biblical advice. Please take some time to read this:

“How to Share Your Story This Christmas: Counsel from Charles Spurgeon”

May the Lord grant us His grace to joyfully communicate what great things He has done for us and how He has had mercy on us! (Mark. 5:19)

Rejoicing in our Savior,

Pastor George
Pastor Matt




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