The Prelude – May 12th

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As we gather together today, our worship should be driven by our thankfulness to our great God. In My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness, the song writer points out several reasons that drive their thankfulness to God. The first reason is that Christ “bore my pain” of my sins when he died on the cross for me. He knew the total “depths of my disgrace” and sin and still “gave me life” and “clothed me in His light”. The second reason, is that He “walks beside” us and has promised to never leave or forsake us. He provides strength in our weakness and “causes fears to fly” away. He has given us many different promises in Scripture which help to “guide every step we take”. The third reason for thankfulness is that our sovereign Lord reigns over all! In wisdom and love, He sovereignly guides and directs every day we have on this earth. How can we not be compelled to “give our lives, our all, to love and follow” this great God?

In O Worship the King, our hearts are again drawn to reasons why our King is worth worshiping. The songwriter provides various titles/attributes from the Old Testament which describe this King as our “Shield”, “Defender”, “Maker”, and “Ancient of Days”. Additionally, he mentions some titles/ attributes that are more from the New Testament such as “Redeemer” and “Friend”. There are also various physical attributes that are mentioned such as His might, grace, wrath, His care for us, and His love. Each of these describes a different attribute of our King that makes Him worthy of our worship. As you “worship the King” today, what has God done or what attribute of His fills your heart with thankfulness?

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