The Prelude – January 20th

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Praising our Great God

The sovereignty of God’s plan and His power is so clear throughout Scripture and the world; know as special revelation and general revelation. And beyond this, who would have imagined that the God of the universe would choose to fulfill His promise of redeeming His people by sending His Son to die for us? Even as we look around us, we “see the worlds your hands have made” and His “power throughout the universe is displayed.” Let us meditate on the vastness and greatness of that power. To put a point on it: what have you made from scratch this week, month or year? Was it a meal? A business? A skyscraper? And what are these things compared to the universe. Even more so: did you really make these things from scratch, or merely re-arrange the materials that God made from nothing? This staggering reality should overwhelm us with who our God is and what He has done! Let us prepare to praise together about How Great is Our God!

Your Sin and Burdens He Bore

In Phil 2, we read about the great sacrifices that Jesus made in coming down to earth to die as a substitute for us and as a penalty of our sin. He didn’t cling to the wonders of heaven, but came as man to be beaten and murdered, all for us and sin! As we meditate on the gravity of that sacrifice, our minds should be drawn to the lyrics of How Great Thou Art.

“And when I think that God his Son not sparing, sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in! but on that cross, my burdens [of my sin] gladly bearing, He bled and died, to take away my sin. Then sings my soul my Savior God to thee, how great Thou art!”

What sins and failings have you committed this week, in attitude, action, or avoidance that Christ has gladly bore on your behalf?

Redeemed to a Life of Faith, Rest and Gratitude

God promised to redeem His people and He fulfilled that promise in His Son Jesus, His death, and resurrection. Scripture is filled with promises that we can stand on and rest in. In Every Promise, the writer reflects on many of these promises that are found in the Word. They are sure promises for everyone who is redeemed through faith in Christ. But only for those who are redeemed. Any self-righteous effort will pollute the purity of perfection lived by Christ, our savior. “When we stumble and sin”, we know that we have a God that is “faithful to forgive” so that we can live in freedom. “When we are faced with [difficult] choices” we know that “He will guide us with His hand.” “We are never forsaken and never alone”, because “the Comforter has come”; all promises from God’s word. Further, He has promised “hope that lifts [us] from despair, and love that casts out every fear.” What promises of our God do you specifically need to stand on, rest in, and thank Him for today?


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