Pastoral Encouragement – Where Do I Start? – March 2, 2019

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“Discipleship”… it’s one of those words that we are all used to hearing but find difficulty defining.

  • All Christians are disciples.

Acts 11:26 let’s us know that the disciples were “called Christians”, which means that if you are a Christian, you are a disciple.

  • All Christians are called to make disciples.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” – Matthew 28:19.

But where do we begin? How do we start?  How can we be faithful to fulfill Christ’s final command before He ascended to heaven?

Join us this Sunday, as Jonathan Leeman, author, speaker and editorial director of 9marks, unpacks this important topic for us during our main service. Leeman has worked through this issue both in theory and practice in the local church and is looking forward to encouraging our congregation to greater faithfulness.  I have personally been blessed by his thinking around this topic and know you will be motivated and equipped to begin this life-long journey of disciple making.

See you there! 

And don’t forget to make plans to join Leeman during the Sunday School hour for his talk on Christians and Politics.  You won’t want to miss it!  

In Christ Alone,

Pastor George 
Pastor Matt

For those of you who would like to explore more of what Leeman has to say on the topic of discipleship, check out his book here.

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