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About Our Church

Baltimore Bible Church is a family of believers in Jesus Christ, who have been connected to one another because of our love for the Lord and His Word.  It’s our passion to see God glorified in all things. Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with others is also central to who we are. It’s our heartbeat to see people introduced to the Savior and reconciled to God.

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When do you meet?

We meet at 10:00am each Sunday at 529 Walker Ave, Baltimore, MD 21212 (Faith Theological Seminary). For directions, click here. We also meet at 9:00am before service for “1st hour classes.” For more information check out our current classes.

What should I expect when I attend?

At Baltimore Bible Church, we want to bring honor and fame to Jesus as we sing, as we learn from His Word, as we repent of sin and experience the forgiveness He purchased. We want Jesus to be the name that you remember when you leave.

Music – Part of our gathering includes singing songs to and about Jesus. We ask you to focus on the words. Contemplate the truths we are singing. As you learn them, please join in singing.

Sermon – Our gathering includes a time of preaching from the Bible. We believe the Bible to be God’s Word – our guide for faith and life. We believe in exploring the Bible verse by verse, making sure the meaning of the message is the meaning that the author intended it to have. The Bible is the centerpiece of everything we do. There are Bibles available at the welcome table. As you listen, consider how you might need to be shaped by the truth you are hearing.

The Table (1st Sunday of Every month) – Jesus told his followers to observe what is called the Lord’s Table or Communion. If you are a follower of Jesus, we invite you to remember with us the sacrifice of Jesus in our place for our sins.

Tithes and Offerings – If you are our guest, we are grateful that you are here and do not expect you to participate in giving. Our members and regular attenders give during the service.

What about children?

We believe that children are a blessing from the Lord and want to provide an environment where they will learn about God through His scriptures. For more information about our children’s ministry, click here.

How do I get connected?

As a family, we are committed to living life together.  The fellowship we enjoy goes beyond our Sunday gatherings and can be seen in our involvement in each others’ lives during the rest of the week. Click here to learn more about or different ministries.

How do I get more information?

The following links will help you get more information about Baltimore Bible Church. We would love to have you visit us sometime!

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Do you have more questions about Baltimore Bible Church?

Please reach out to us. We would love to talk with you!

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