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Pastors Q&A on Expository Preaching

Does the Resurrection Get Your Attention?

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I. Daniel’s CONTEXT (1-4) II. Daniel’s CONFLICT (5-8) III. Daniel’s COMMITMENT (8-21) A. Establish Biblical Convictions (8a) B. Communicate your Convictions with Clarity, Courtesy and Courage (8b-10) C. Relentlessly Pursue…
I. Ancient Babylon II. Babylon in Scripture III. History of Neo-Babylon IV. The Rise of Babylon V. The Fall of Jehoikim VI. Babylon the Great VII. The Fall of Babylon
i. Daniel is a Courageous Book ii. Daniel is a Mysterious Book iii. Daniel is a Victorious Book I. Theme “The Most High is ruler over the realm of mankind,…
1) There is no one as immense like your God (12) 2) There is no one omniscient like your God (13-14) 3) There is no one as worthy like your…