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Pastors Q&A on Expository Preaching

Does the Resurrection Get Your Attention?

Recent Sermons

I. Desire for False Worship (1-3) II. Demand for False Worship (4-7) III. Defiance of False Worship (8-12) IV. Derangement of False Worship (13-15) V. The Position of True Worship…
I. God is the Revealer of all Mysteries (31-43) II. God is the Ruler of All Eternity (44-45) III. Response (46-49)

I. Revelation Saves God’s Enemies (24) II. Revelation Brings Honor to God’s People (25) III. Revelation Exalts the True God (26-28a) IV. Revelation Brings Understanding to the Simple (28b-30) V.…

I. Daniel’s CONTEXT (1-4) II. Daniel’s CONFLICT (5-8) III. Daniel’s COMMITMENT (8-21) A. Establish Biblical Convictions (8a) B. Communicate your Convictions with Clarity, Courtesy and Courage (8b-10) C. Relentlessly Pursue…
I. Ancient Babylon II. Babylon in Scripture III. History of Neo-Babylon IV. The Rise of Babylon V. The Fall of Jehoikim VI. Babylon the Great VII. The Fall of Babylon
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