Accident Reported Ahead – March 21, 2019

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If you ever use the GPS on your phone to get around, you are probably used to hearing the warning that an “accident has been reported ahead” and you wonder, how long will the slow down be, as everybody turns their head to see how bad the accident was. Yesterday one of those “accidents reported ahead” was my son’s car.

While traveling on 70 West, through the rain, on his way to school, Micah was attempting to switch into the left lane. As he began to turn, he noticed a car, through his foggy window, speeding behind him, that didn’t look like it would slow down in enough time to miss him. As Micah quickly pulled his car back into the middle lane, his car began to swerve out of control into the right lane, then into the shoulder, and then down a hill. As he continued to attempt to regain control, the car began to roll and completed two full 360-degree rolls, before hitting a tree at the bottom of the ravine. There was nothing but the ground above him as he rolled, because the sunroof was torn off, in addition to three other windows.

When the car finally came to a stop, he was shaken but unharmed, except for two small pieces of glass that were brushed out of his hair at the ER. The car wasn’t so fortunate. Micah was able to retrieve his bags for school, make a couple phone calls and walk away from what could have been his last ride.

When I received the call from Micah, I knew it was a serious accident, but I had no idea that it was going to be that serious. Micah sent me his location through his phone and after entering his position into the GPS, I heard the warning “Accident Reported Ahead” and it was for my son.

However, there are no accidents in a world controlled by a sovereign God and we are looking at all of these events through the lens of His sovereignty. Would you join me in prayer and praise for the following things?

1) Praise God for His miraculous hand of protection on Micah and all of our children as they come and go.
2) Pray that Micah would grasp the kindness of God in this event and would be drawn closer to the Lord.
3) Pray that this accident would be a reminder to all who hear, about the uncertainty of life and certainty of death.
4) Thank God with us for the gift of our son! Yesterday was my birthday and having Micah was my favorite gift!

Thanks for you prayers and may the kindness of God lead all of us to greater praise and worship of Him!

In Christ Alone,
Pastor George

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