Journey Through Scripture

3 Year Bible Reading Plan Class

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Ongoing (located in the gym), This Sunday School class will be offered to our congregation that will take our church through the entire Bible in 3 years. The personal reading of Scripture and the teaching you will receive will expose you to the full counsel of God and help you profit from all of Scripture! 

Your personal Bible will be your textbook/workbook, where you will record your observations, trace out themes, highlight key words, mark out transitions, and write your own personal notes from cover to cover.  Your Personal Bible will become a tool for personal growth, discipleship and ministry.  

We are excited to begin this journey together as a congregation and pray that the word of God dwell richly within each one of us. In preparation for this class, you may want to purchase a wide margin journaling Bible.  

I picked up a NASB Journal the Word Bible last year at the Shepherds’ Conference at Grace Community Church

Another option might be the ESV Journaling Bible

There is also the New LSB Large Print, Wide Margin edition

In Christ Alone,
Pastor George